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Soft Skills in English

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Soft Skills in English

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Schopnost sebeprezentace a sebeprosazení, komunikační kompetence, obratnost při řešení konfliktů, porozumění druhým i sobě samému… Tyto dovednosti jsou souhrnně označovány jako SOFT SKILLS a pro kariérní úspěch jsou stejně důležité jako vědomosti z vašeho oboru. Kurzy soft skills vás vybaví kompetencemi, které jsou klíčové napříč všemi profesemi.

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How to turn stress into your friend

How to manage stress and increase attention

29. 3. 2021Praha 1
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How to turn stress into your friend
Školicí centrum top vision s.r.o.
U Půjčovny 2Praha11000

Body's response to excessive stain is stress.
By identifying adverse factors and using the right anti-stress techniques, we can not only reduce stress but also improve our concentration, memory or overall health balance. There are many advices actually available on the market but we will learn a very simple but efficient strategy to manage our stress and fulfil our life.

New to a managerial position

Compact know-how for a successful start

21. - 22. 4. 2021Praha 1
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New to a managerial position
CORSO Karlín
Křižíkova 237/36aPraha18600

The training will contribute to your confidence in treating your subordinates well as their manager and will create foundations for your effective communication.

Are you preparing for the role of manager? Let the experience and advice of professionals lead you. You will find out how not to start, what not to say, how to make a good impression, how to win over your subordinates, and how to lead people. If you are afraid that you will not have authority, you will not be able to solve conflicts, or will have difficulties coping with pressure, you do not have to be. You will learn the basic rules which will ensure your success.


How to manage project in time of turbulences

Changes, risks and crises as integral part of project management

18. 5. 2021Praha 1
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How to manage project in time of turbulences

Almost every manager or project manager dreams about project, which is precisely defined at its start, smoothly delivered according to this definition - without any unpleasant surprises, and eventually is finished on time and on budget. The reality is often quite different: plenty of changes, risks, and even of crises situations. This training will show you how to manage these factors effectively, and even more how to leverage them and make them beneficial for your project.

20. 5. 2021Praha 1
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How to present results, even in times of uncertainty

Presentation writing skills have a profound effect on your career success. Discover the science of fact-based persuasion.
Communicating in a logical and structured manner is probably the most important skill of a manager in today’s business world. Strategic consultancies, such as McKinsey & Company, BCG, and Bain, have mastered this skill, setting the gold standard for structured communication in business. Presentations are often sent ahead of time and a decision maker makes a first impression just based on the slides. Whether you are in a corporation talking to the board, a small business delivering a sales pitch, or a startup going for funding, the form and structure of your slides matter (and are often the differentiating factors to success).

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