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Intergrated digital campaigns 

  • Why investing in content marketing pays off
  • How to integrate digital and traditional advertising
  • The 5 Steps: How to create a successful viral video (based on neuromarketing research)

Compare The Market
- Winner of New Media Age Effectiveness Awards 2010 - 2012 (UK)

A car insurance price comparison site in the UK created an unusual character - A Russian meerkat named Alexander, who speaks on behalf of the company across multiple social media platforms. The UK went meerkat mad and Compare The Market increased their market share.

Book Burning Party in Troy, Michigan
- Winner of Interactive Grand Prix in EPICA Awards 2012 (USA)

An example of an astonishingly integrated political campaign that utilizes social media at its core, fighting against library closures in Michigan.

IKEA Tidafors
- Winner of Norwegian Gulltaggen Awards 2012 (Norway)

IKEA joined forces with ordinary people selling their homes. They used their private real-estate ads to launch IKEA's new sofa TIDAFORS. In return, the sellers got plenty of IKEA's advertising space for free.

Nike Fuel Station - Winner of Creative Showcase Awards 2012 (UK)

Perfect showcase of experiential marketing - how to bring Nike Fuelband to life using Microsoft Kinect and 3D technology.

How to make campaigns viral - neuromarketing research results from Harvard Business School

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

Social Media Marketing 

  • Innovative use of social media in destination marketing
  • The role of engaging content  in social media
  • How to monetize social media?

Curators of Sweden - Winner of multiple marketing awards in 2012-2013 (Sweden)
Behind-the-scenes story of the most awarded digital campaign of 2012. What has been the ROI of this campaign? What can others learn from it?

Unilever „The Dove Ad Makeover" - Gold winner of EPICA Awards 2012 (UK)

A good example of how Dove brand extended its core marketing message fighting beauty stereotypes via Facebook platform.

Anthon Berg Generous Store - Winner of Danish Digital Marketing Awards 2012 (Denmark)
The Danish chocolate giant Anthon Berg opened a store for 5 hours in Copenhagen high street and offered free chocolates to everybody. Although, not completely free - buyers had to pay by posting a good deed on their Facebook page.

McDonald's Canada - Our Food. Your Questions. - Winner of Webby Awards 2013 (Canada)
McDonald's Canada launched an interactive digital platform, "Our Food. Your Questions." in an effort to be more transparent with consumers about where its food comes from and how it's made.

British Airways „Don't Fly, Support Team GB" - Winner of Festival of Media Global Awards 2013 (UK)
To deliver real engagement consumers were given the opportunity to see the British Airways plane taxi past their own house. This was delivered through a technical partnership with Google Streetview, where users entered their postcode into British Airway's Facebook application to recreate the agency's iconic campaign next to their own homes.

Magnum ice cream (Unilever) social media campaign - Winner of MIXX Awards Turkey 2012 (Turkey)

Interactive experience was created where Turkish superstar Kivanc addressed Magnum FB fans by their names after reading their Facebook data.



  • Examples of innovative and effective e-commerce solutions

Asos# Bestnightever - Winner of Festival of Media Awards 2013 (UK)
How content and commerce worked  together to create the best sales ever.

- Winner of Grand One Awards 2012 (Finland)
Kiosked turns any online content into a storefront. Kiosked enables purchase instantly at the moment desire is born. Any content anywhere can be kiosked, marketer only pays the publisher or blogger for results.

13:00-14:00 Lunch


  • Do adults play games: using gamification for marketing expensive products

Volkswagen Polo advergame „Polowers" - Winner of Spanish Internet Awards 2012 (Spain)

How to get 150,000 Tweets in 8 hours: Volkswagen "Polo" advergame in Spain.

Stockholm School of Economics in Riga alumni donation game - Winner of Latvian effectiveness awards 2012 (Latvia)
Creative use of social media game to encourage alumni to donate for business school.


B2B Digital Marketing 

  • How to integrate email, direct mail, social media and telemarketing
  • How to reach B2B decision makers via email and social media
  • Why social media listening/monitoring is important in B2B

Thunderhead I Am - Winner of B2B Marketing Awards 2011 (UK)

A good example of an integrated direct marketing B2B campaign combining email, direct mail, video and telemarketing.

London 2012 Social Media Listening by Cisco - Winner of Groundswell Awards (UK)

Networking technology provider Cisco opened The Social Media Listening Center for the London Olympics. The center is open to employees, partners, customers and visitors, featuring six large interactive touchscreens displaying a wide variety of data about social media conversations dealing with Cisco and its brands, services and products.

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break

Marketing on multiple Screens 

Innovations in mobile marketing

How to use multiple screens to engage customers: integrating TV, mobile and tablet screens

FedEx + Shazam SuperBowl project 2012- 2013 - Winner of MIXX Awards 2012 (USA)

FedEx made deals with Shazam to offer viewers of Super Bowl commercials additional content through smartphones and tablets.

Coca-Cola Polar Bowl - Winner of Festival of Media Global Awards 2013 (USA)

Truly integrated campaign across digital and mobile media with a second-screen social campaign.

Second Audio Program marketing for Tortrix potato chips - Winner of Festival of Media Global Awards 2013 (Guatemala)
TV transmissions have an audio program called SAP (Second Audio Programme) that allows the viewer  to listen to a different audio for a particular video broadcast. SAP function was creatively used for branded content promoting Tortrix potato chips.


What's next? 

  • Overview of latest trends and developments, conclusions
  • How to use the learning from the World´s best digital marketing case studies in your work tomorrow?
16:30 The End

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