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Colleen Kelly

Trainer in Soft Skills, Communication, Corporate Language & Business Writings

My background is in adult education and prior to working in Europe I was a trainer for an economic development society in British Columbia, Canada where we designed and delivered industry-targeted training. I moved to Prague in 1992 working first as a director of studies then setting out on my own, delivering custom made training for clients throughout the European Union, most often to mixed cultural groups in soft skills, business writing, English and communication for business, banking, finance, leasing, legal, real estate, hospitality, project management, secretarial, tax and the accounting areas.  While the training is intensive and interactive I provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, creating an environment conducive to learning and where clients’ communicative abilities are enhanced in a short time. What I have witnessed as a trainer is that when individuals are given sound guidance, are listened to and given a chance to practice in a safe environment, they blossom. I have been an educator for over thirty years and feel alive and energized when delivering training. I want my clients to succeed and truly have a passion for my work.

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Presentation Skills

Making a great impression before, during and after the presentation

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