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Aneta Soldánová
We are a company of many strong personalities and different approaches. We always enjoy looking for more solution options for you.

Aneta Soldánová

Training & Development Manager


Our approach

A quality development programme brings positive changes

The substance of a quality development programme is a change. Targeted education may change for the better both thinking and behaviour of participants as well as the corporate culture and entire organization. A precondition of a positive change is active involvement of the participants, client and contractors in all stages of the process.


Always tailored

We will tailor corporate education perfectly to your needs

Our objective is a long-lasting effect of education. Comprehensive development programmes as well as one-time trainings are prepared to suit your needs and plans. We adapt education to the target group, and respect your strategic goals and corporate culture. We select lecturers experienced in the area of your business who are well versed in the given topic. We always make the best use of the practices and personalities wherever it is beneficial.


We have experience

The priority is the quality of education, client satisfaction and a solid approach

We have extensive experience in all key areas of corporate management – we have run courses of management and communication, strategic thinking and priority management, marketing, business skills and law. The quality of our work and the actual value of educational programmes is so important to us that we are able to say no when we know that we cannot come up to a client’s expectations.


As practical as possible

We prefer our educational programmes to be as practical as possible

Our interactive educational programmes aim towards maximum involvement of participants so that they gain an intensive personal experience. We prefer simulation, play, experiment, experience, discussion and partner involvement of participants in the educational process. The method of leading the development programmes is based on the programme objectives and on the experience and characteristics of the target group. The lecturers focus on real situations and cases from the participants’ practice instead of theoretical or model examples that are far from practice.


We measure the effectiveness and the degree of knowledge utilization in practice

Measurement of the effect is a part of a development programme, not its objective

To monitor the effectiveness of programmes and the degree of knowledge utilization in practice, we use both simple and complex tools. We secure testing, administration of personal action plans and e-learning. However, we always use the tools reasonably, in cooperation with the client and with respect to the client’s time. We like measuring and hold by the results. The actual benefit of all auxiliary tools for the application of acquired skills in practice must be greater than their financial, administrative and time requirements.


We are professionals who enjoy their work

We provide enhanced comprehensive services and a flexible response

In our case the shoemaker’s children do not go barefoot. Each of us is a specialist in a certain area of an educational programme. We do not have too few employees so we can substitute one for another, and we do not have too many of them so as to keep the personal and friendly approach. We have more than ten years of experience in conducting various educational and development programmes, including administration of ESF projects.

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