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Our references

Honeywell, spol. s r.o. – Brno o.z.Complex managerial academy with an international certificate

We have realized a complex managerial academy consisting of 6 one to two day modules.

The modules focused on developing managerial competences in the context of company culture in Honeywell. Realized trainings: Manager's personality and his/her role, Communication skills and argumentation in manager's work, The importance of internal communication and company culture in manager's work, Teamwork, developing and leading a team, etc.

The program was concluded by a certification day. Client's HR management and top vision methodologist were present. Successful participants gained an international certificate issued by IES.

We started a managerial academy in June 2014 - it covers areas needed for effective managerial work and development of key talents.

In 2014 and 2015 foremen academy for supervisors took place. It was focused on the role of the foremen, assigning tasks, and situational management. Workshops included: Keep cool – dealing with complicated situations and motivating the foremen; Evaluating employee performance, Effective time management and avoiding stress, Coaching.

PRECIOSAVarious educational and development programs

We have been cooperating with PRECIOSA since 2012. We have realized and still realize several educational and development programs.

Catalogue course for technical staff (negotiating and solving conflicts, time management, presentation skills, communication skills).

Trainings for sales and marketing departments on presentation skills took place repeatedly.

Long-term project financed from the European Union funds (A chance for Czech crystal - educating employees of PRECIOSA, a. s. - Education - economy courses, hard and soft skills courses).

In the second half of 2013 an extensive and long-term program for talents started.

This program was prepared for 3 educational groups, about 40 participants selected on the basis of DC. The program started by a teambuilding event. There are 10 tailor-made modules that were prepared to match the competences defined by Preciosa. Individual modules are supplemented by workshops or discussion forums led by selected guests with managerial experience.

Východoslovenská energetikaDevelopment program New Managers

We are currently realizing a long-term program focused on relational competences and leading people for new managers who have not undergone a complete managerial preparation. The program was created for a group of managers who started to lead teams without prior managerial preparation - they work intuitively or take on a managerial model from their bosses.

At the beginning, we focus on effective use of managerial competences before the managers and their teams get used to improvised solutions. If this has happened, we correct these by training and group coaching about the most frequent mistakes in leading people.

Partial aim of the program is to support deliberate development of the company's managerial culture.

  • 15 most frequent mistakes in leading people
  • Gender differences in communication
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Manipulation, pressure, lies in professional life
  • Building and developing a team
We have planned our cooperation with top vision until the end of 2015 and I strongly believe that we will cooperate on other interesting projects in the future.

Východoslovenská energetika, Monika Tajblik Lofflerová, Head of Personnel development

GE Money BankWe are the main provider of managerial education in GE Money Bank

We realize catalogue courses, tailor-made courses for the individual departments, teambuildings and trainings of their internal academy (GEMU – GE Money university), specialized legal trainings, and workshops with personalities.

Growth Month is one of the most popular educational and development events in GE. There are inspirational workshops on topics not included in typical offer of training courses. Workshops are led by personalities who are more than instructors. Activities are oriented on networking and sharing best practices. It is supposed to be the source of inspiration and supports thinking out of the box.

Examples of realized workshops in Growth month: Leadership according to Jack Welch, My way from Mr Nobody or How to survive in the corporate culture, Getting Things Done, Scenario Planning - preparing for the future, 7 most common errors in leadership, Coaching according to cards, Brain Control – the art of managing your brain, Brilliant memory training, How to say it in a way that they are motivated, Emotions and performance!, Corporate Ho´oponopono, Authentic leader, Lie detector, Callocaghatia today and tomorrow.

We regularly organize workshops/lectures led by experts in their field.

Another interesting project is a cycle of meetings called Coffee with a lawyer. These were half-a-day meetings of selected GE Money Bank employees with an expert in requested.

Nestlé ČeskoComplex development program for the employees of Customer Service Nestlé Česko and Nestlé Slovensko

Half-a-year program for 14 employees in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It was focused on communication with customers (mostly telephoning and written communication), dealing with objections (appropriate and inappropriate words and phrases), announcing bad news, etc.

The 2-day training of professional telephone communication was preceded by listening to phone calls in the workplace, completing PRE-tests (self-assessment of the level of knowledge and skills) and one day AC, which tested the level of the individual employees. After this, the final focus of the training was specified. In October 2013 follow-up trainings took place. Their aim was to remind the participants the most important points from the program and if needed, help the participants with problematic areas.

SkanskaOne year development program for the group of 32 managers – Skanska Manager

This project consists of four training modules – Company culture and getting to know yourself (2 days), Effective communication and presentation skills (2 days), Negotiating and argumentation (2 days), Leadership, motivation, and giving feedback (3 days). Participants were divided into three groups. Representatives from top management were involved in the program since its beginning. The individual trainings were based on MBTI typology, which is used in Skanska throughout the world. Ethical code and company values of Skanska were also included in the project. The program was ended by a one day follow-up for each group. The project stressed setting the methods of measuring effectiveness of the program and transition of acquired skills to professional lives of participants.

In 2012 the program Skanska Manager was realized for another group of selected managers.

Development program for area managers

In 2013 there were several one day trainings for area managers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These trainings focused on building relationships with customers.

In 2013 we also realized an evaluation workshop for managers.

I recommend top vision due to their professionalism and kind attitude, positive experience with realizing long-term projects, quality team of instructors, flexibility and creative approach.

Skanska, Zdenka Matoušková, currently the Head of education and development in Nestlé

Olympus Medical Products CzechLong-term development program for management

In the second half of 2012 we started a two-year development program for selected members of management. Focus of the program - solving conflicts, self-confidence and the art of persuasion, leadership in professional life, delegating, etc. Trainings are accompanied by individual coaching sessions (each participant could attend ten of these; usually there was one individual coaching session a month). Before the program started there had been an outdoor teambuilding program as well as the development center. In 2013 we realized a teambuilding for top management and selected members of management. It was focused on overcoming one's own limits by implementing the coaching approach. This program included walking through hot coal and corporate drumming.