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Talent management and leadership

Aneta Soldánová
We care about the ability of our clients to withstand tough competition. We know that management development is a precondition for that.

Aneta Soldánová

Training & Development Manager

Certified managerial academies

Complex development programs of key managerial competences

Manager in the leading role

Systematic approach to the company management designed especially for talents / “mini-MBA”

Team Leader™

Comprehensive program developing basic leadership skills with an option of certification

Reaching Everest

Recover your strength and sense to conquer your “Everest” – unique top management program with Milan Prypoň

4MOTION Management

Certified academy of key managerial skills development

Leadership and situation styles

Interactive trainings developing key managerial competences

Meetings management, delegating and empowerment

Essential managerial skills

Motivation, evaluation and key managerial interviews

Communication skills for all types of managerial conversations

Coaching for managers

Training developing coaching skills of managers as the most effective method of leadership

Change management – manager as the change owner

Changes as everyday reality of managers

Solution workshops / group coaching

Application of skills in practice