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Aneta Soldánová
It is worthwhile to work continuously on the improvement of communication and presentation because the style of communication is directly connected with the work motivation, effectiveness and achievement of results.

Aneta Soldánová

Training & Development Manager

Communication skills

Clearly, briefly, comprehensibly and without emotions

21st century presentation

New approach to creating presentations with a focus on content and design

Presentation skills

Professional presenter - comprehensible and clearly structured communication and interaction with the audience

Providing feedback correctly

Feedback does not mean criticism and is not a privilege of managers

Rhetoric and non-verbal communication

What you are saying even when you are not speaking, and how do you say it when you are speaking

Negotiation and argumentation helping to achieve an agreement

"Non-business" negotiation for effective internal cooperation

Assertiveness and difficult situations in communication, settlement of conflicts

Self-confidence, self-assurance, responsibility and communication in difficult situations