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Aneta Soldánová
When preparing development programmes, we always ask why you need a change and how you find out that a change has taken place.

Aneta Soldánová

Training & Development Manager

1 Programme preparation


  • Workshops with the client / its management
  • Analysis of educational needs
  • Structured interviews with participants
  • Complex diagnostic methods (AC/DC)
  • 360° feedback
  • Psychological personality diagnosis of participants
  • Visit at workplaces / shadowing
  • Mystery shopping / mystery calling

What change do you expect? How can you tell that a change has taken place? What is to be achieved by the programme?

Identification of actual needs of the client and setting out measurable objectives forms the basis of success and effectiveness of the corporate educational programme.

Everything will be discussed with you by the Key Account Manager at a personal meeting or via a teleconference.


Based on the input information, we prepare a proposal of the scope, contents and lecturers for the educational programme.

We define the scope and specification of case studies for the practical part of the programme in order to achieve the set objectives. We focus in detail on the needs of the particular group of participants.

  • Finding out the expectations of the participants (tests, questionnaires, workshops)
  • Measuring the current skills of the participants (knowledge tests, FOCUS workshops)
  • Finding out the expectations of the superior
  • Motivating and preparing the participants for each programme or training

OUR PLUS: The educational programme corresponds to the needs and level of the participants. The topic complies with the corporate culture and strategy. The participants know what they may expect from the training, take an enthusiastic approach to it and are aware of its benefit for their practise.

2 Implementation


  • Catalogue education
  • Comprehensive development programmes
  • Academy with an international certificate
  • e-learning, b-learning
  • On-the-job learning
  • Interactive training
  • Solution workshop
  • Coaching – individual, group and team coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Teambuilding
  • Expert workshop
  • Inspiring and discussion meeting

We work with individuals and teams throughout the organization, from the newcomers to the top management.

The educational programmes address the needs of the company and participants of the training. They are based on everyday situations and develop the experience and skills that can be immediately utilized in practice.

We assume ALL paperwork connected with the corporate education for you. Throughout our relationship there is a coordinator at your service who is responsible for the smooth course of all events.

OUR PLUS: We are able to motivate the participants and to involve them actively in the training even if they must step out of their comfort zone. The participants understand what is going on at the training and why and how they will be able to utilize that in their practice.

3 Effectiveness and putting into practice

  • Evaluation workshops
  • Application days
  • Personal action plans
  • Practical tasks
  • Project evaluation
  • Testing
  • Personal and professional coaching
  • Distance auxiliary tools
  • International certification of IES

Utilization of new skills in practice is a measure of success of a corporate educational programme.

We motivate the participants not only for their personal development but also for the development of the entire company as early as in the course of the training so as to truly raise the value of the investments in corporate education.

We support the participants in the practical application of new findings and in their interest in further development. Using simple tools, we are able to measure the effectiveness of corporate education and the degree of transformation.

OUR PLUS: Participants respect recommendations received in the training and, while being supported by the management, put new knowledge and skills into practice at once. Development programmes motivate participants for further education.

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