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At selected courses we certify your qualification with internationally recognized certificates that confirm the acquired competencies. No matter whether you are looking for a new job or plan winning a higher position, a prestigious certificate will be to your advantage.

IES - International Education Society

Why to gain an IES certificate?

  • Easier advance in the domestic and international labour market
  • Advantage in looking for a new job
  • Utilization not only in European countries but also in the USA, Canada, Australia, Africa and Asia
  • The certificate is issued in English and the official (Czech) language
  • For top vision clients the international IES certificate is included in the price of certified courses / cycles
  • Prominent global position of IES and experience (company established in 1997)
  • IES is the largest institution specialising in the certification of educational entities
  • IES has issued more than 51,000 international certificates to date

ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence

Why ECDL for individuals?

  • Official document of objective testing of the job applicant’s computer skills
  • Advantage in selection interviews for a job or for university studies
  • Greater job opportunities in the Czech and European labour market
  • Proof of computer (digital) literacy recognized around the world
  • Personal motivation, boosting self-confidence and personal prestige

Why ECDL for employers?

  • Objective and quick assessment of the level of computer skills in recruitment interviews
  • Reasonable management of investments in the education of particular employees
  • Effective tool for human resources management and policy in the organization
  • Reduction of auxiliary costs of effective work with computer technology
  • Improvement of the company’s competitiveness in the labour market